June 20, 2011 – Citizen of Guatemala received termination of removal proceedings after defeating allegations of material misrepresentation in the Immigration Court

In 1988, a citizen of Guatemala entered the United States without inspection. He was caught at the border and deported. He re-entered the United States a year later. In 1995, he started the process of getting a green card. He told his lawyer about the prior deport, but his lawyer did not disclose the prior deport on the I-485. In 1997, he received his green card. In 2004, he applied for naturalization, but was denied once USCIS discovered his prior deport and failure to disclose the prior deport on the I-485. He was then placed in removal proceedings.

The Firm’s Representation
The firm discovered crucial evidence in our client’s FOIA documents that almost conclusively demonstrated that our client’s previous lawyer committed a serious error.

At a hearing in the immigration court, the firm was able to demonstrate that our client had not made a material misrepresentation. On June 20, 2011, the Immigration Judge terminated removal proceedings. The firm is assisting our client with his naturalization application.