September 27, 2010 – Citizen of Guyana received reopening from the Board of Immigration Appeals, eight years after he was ordered deported

In 2000, a citizen of Guyana applied for a green card based on marriage to his U.S. citizen wife. However, at his hearing in the Immigration Court, the government alleged that he had made a false claim of citizenship. The Immigration Judge agreed and ordered him removed. The non-citizen fought his case on appeal for nearly eight years. In the process, he spent thousands of dollars on lawyers. After his last appeal was denied in November 2009, he asked the firm to help him with his case.

The Firm’s Representation
The firm reviewed our client’s case and noticed that his immigration court trial attorney had made several errors. The firm filed a Motion to Reopen based on ineffective assistance of counsel in January 2010.

Outcome On September 27, 2010, the BIA granted the motion to reopen. Our client’s case has been remanded to the Immigration Court and his case is still pending there.