March 8, 2012 – Citizen of the Dominican Republic granted LPR cancellation of removal despite conviciton for robbery and other offenses

Facts: A citizen of the Dominican Republic came to the United States with a green card when he was very young. When he became a young adult, he started getting into a lot of trouble. He had committed robbery and numerous offenses of indecent exposure. Later, he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. In 2010, he was placed in removal proceedings. His family sought the firm’s help.

The Firm’s Representation: Our client was eligible for LPR cancellation of removal, but we had to offset the negative aspects of his case with his psychiatric problems. the firm hired an forensic psychiatrist to examine our client and testify in court. In addition, our client was lucky to have the strong support of his family.

Outcome: On March 8, 2012, our client was granted LPR cancellation of removal. Hopefully, in five years, the firm can assist our client to get his citizenship.