May 29, 2012 – El Salvadoran citizen receives a green card through NACARA despite conviciton for possession of cocaine

Facts: A citizen of El Salvador had been trying to get a green card for over 15 years. He had had several lawyers, all of whom were taking his money and not doing anything. For instance, one law firm wasted several years and several thousand dollars in an ill-advised attempt at adjustment of status based on a family based petition from the wife. The problem was that the El Salvadoran citizen was permanently inadmissible to adjust status based on his 1996 conviction for possession of cocaine. Desperate, the El Salvadoran citizen came to our firm for help.

The Firm’s Representation: The firm reviewed our client’s case and discovered that despite the possession of cocaine conviction, our client was eligible to get a green card based on NACARA – the Nicaraguan and Central American Relief Act. The firm briefed the question of eligibility with the Immigration Court and the court agreed with our position.

Outcome: On May 29, 2012, after nearly 15 years of trying to get a legal status in the United States, the Immigration Judge granted NACARA relief to our client. Two weeks later, our client’s green card arrived in the mail.